Fast & Easy dinghy race results

CorrectedTime learns about your club. Quickly enter elapsed times for a race and the results can be published in seconds.

Quick Data Entry

Just start typing. CorrectedTime will fill in the previous class, sail number and PYS for the sailor.

Automatic Weather Reports

Automatically fetching local wind conditions for the race gives more context to the results.

Sailor Statistics

Examine a sailor's race history easily. Compare with time to win against wind strength.

RYA Returns

Automatically submit races to as you publish them.

Duty Team Points

Duty team members are awarded average points for missed races.

Helm & Crew Scoring

Points are awarded to either individuals or boats. This can reduce the penalty for trying something new or helping out a friend.

Don't repeat yourself

Week after week, the same sailors sail in the same boats. CorrectedTime allows you to just enter the interesting part. When there is a crew or boat change, it's easy to correct.


No matter the weather

Given the club location and race start, CorrectedTime fetches the local weather report and displays the wind direction and strength in one of three scales: miles per hour, kilometres per hour, or the Beaufort scale. The viewer may choose which scale to see.

Three wind scales - Mph, Kph, Beaufort

A little bit of history

View an individual sailor's historic races, including Points and Time to Win charts, both plotted against wind strength. Click through to see race details.


Return without leaving

The RYA ask clubs to submit their handicap racing results to refine the yardstick numbers each year. CorrectedTime allows you to easily submit every race at time of publishing.


One good turn deserves another

Why miss out because you covered safety or ran the day's racing? Duty team members are awarded average series points for missed races. Also great for those windy days, when you'd be swimming round your boat anyway.


Boats don't win races, People do

Sometimes you can't make it to the start, but your crew can. You both want to sail your foiling moths this week, instead of the RS 800. The new member needs tuition in the Laser Vago. Either way, you will be recognized for your performance in each race.

sailor points

Actually, it could be the boats after all!

Race results have been presented for years in the same way. CorrectedTime supports this too. Boats with same class & sail number get thier own result entries.

boat points



CorrectedTime is hosted for you. No webhost needed, No FTP, No hassle.



Monthly cost, frozen during the winter months.

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  • Pause plan upto 6 months
  • Automatic returns
  • Per race weather summary
  • Sailor perfromance charts
  • Archive available on request
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Yearly cost, sail all throughout the seasons.

  • 3 month free trial
  • Add races anytime
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  • Per race weather summary
  • Sailor perfromance charts
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Contact James

CorrectedTime is built and run by a one man team. James would love feedback on the service, or to answer any questions.